Mould Of Brassiere /MATRICES

Generally;  matrices of brassiere covers were made according to the samples that come from our clients. First of all, the CAD designation was made by the computer platform according to the model which would be turned to the mould.  Secondly, this designed brassiere cover was past along with the process through CNC stands by the material of aluminium plates.  So, the mould of the brassiere cover was produced. By this produced mould , test of press was made.  After this printing process, this brassiere cover was controlled by the customer. After that, if this cover was seen suitable on the point of the shape and the measure  by the client, we pass toward making the series of this cover.   

İf it was necessary to change the cover of brassiere after first press, the new revised  design was made and the mould was again operated on CNC stand until we get for the customer approval.    
These matrices were produced either by a couple (as  two sections) or as with two couples (by four sections).